First meeting in new location — photos from Feb. 13

Club members enjoy a performance

Ring 19 location

New Ring 19 location

The Minnesota magic club held its first meeting in February of 2017 at its new home: Broadway Pizza in Minneapolis. We enjoyed tasty food and a wide variety of performances from members and guests.

The additional seating is a great advantage for our growing club, and having food and beverage service available certainly creates a more convivial atmosphere. There’s even a (non-functional) bar in the room for members who want to practice or perform bar magic.

While the meetings start at 7 p.m., many magi showed up at 6 p.m. to enjoy a big of pre-meeting food and fellowship. (We urge you to do so — it helps the restaurant justify giving us the meeting space for free.)

We are deeply grateful for the years of support the club received from Twin Cities Magic and Costume (learn more), which previously hosted our meetings, but we were simply starting to outgrow the space. It was a nice problem to have. 

Enjoy this slide show of photos from the new Ring 19 location.

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