Noah Sonie sweeps 2016 presidents’ challenge

Noah Sonie

Each December the IBM Ring 19 magic club holds its annual “Presidents’ Challenge” Magic competition. The Ring 19 2016 contest was divided into two categories: Close-Up and Stage/Parlor. Noah Sonie swept the competition, taking first place in each of the categories. Prizes were awarded at the April 9 banquet.

Noah Sonie at Ring 19 2016 contest
Noah Sonie took first place in each of the two President’s Challenge contest categories.

The winners of the Ring 19 2016 contest were:


  • 1st: Noah Sonie – TicTacTotally Predicted the Outcome
  • 2nd: Dennis Anfang – Coin Routine
  • 3rd: Dan Koopmans – 4 Card Monte (Why I Don’t Gamble)


  • 1st: Noah Sonie – If I Don’t Nail This Trick I’m Nailing My Hand…Literally
  • 2nd: Tom Crone –  “Brett’s favorite” Ring and Rope Routine
  • 3rd: David Gamut – What Are the Odds? (A Mental Game of Clue)

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