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Save the date: Ring 19 picnic Aug. 25

person grilling

Person grilling for magic club picnicAre you ready for a magic club picnic? It’s not too soon to mark your calendar for Ring 19’s picnic, coming Aug. 25, 2018.

The picnic is at Eagle Lake Regional Park, on the border of Plymouth and Maple Grove. We reserved the “Golfview” building, so apparently we will be able to view golf after having our fill of card tricks. More importantly, we’ll have an indoor space available if the weather turns out to be less than magical, so we’ll be picnicking rain or shine.

The magic club picnic begins at noon. It’s pot-luck, so prepare to crack out your top-secret potato salad recipe. (What’s the secret ingredient? A magician never tells.) The club will be providing burgers, dogs and buns, but feel free to bring your own meat or meat-like substance if you’d prefer something else.

The park is located at 11000 Bass Lake Road, in Plymouth. It features dog trails, fishing, golfing, biking, hiking paddling and geocaching. (Sure, you’ll spend most of your time fooling others and being fooled, but you could go do that outdoorsy stuff. It’s technically possible.)

More details on the magic club picnic to follow.

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