April Ring Report

Our in-person meeting, at GameZenter, began with performances by several club members. Dan Norat started off the card performances with Max Maven’s “Kirigami” followed by Rick Hinrichs version of “Four Card Fooler” by Paul Gordon. David Hansen offered up his “Open Prediction/Stop Trick” and John Harrell, with two volunteers, shared his work on routines using the Si Stebbins Stack.

A short business meeting was held, where there was some discussion surrounding setting up committees for internal and external events, that may be used for either fundraising or recruiting for the Ring. There was also conversation regarding the recent passing of former Ring President Tom Crone and performing a Broken Wand Ceremony. The meeting adjourned to break-out sessions.

Our Monday night Zoom meetings have small but faithful attendees, and the March meeting was no exception. David Hansen started off the meeting with a coin trick. This led to a discussion of vanishes and the various ROPS (Retention Open Palm Steal) techniques available for not only coins, but sponge balls and other small objects. Tyler Erickson elaborated on the best props to use with ROPS. Rick Hinrichs has been working on his rubber band magic and did a flurry of tricks including broken and restored bands and bands through solid objects. Rick also shared his work on Garrett Thomas’ “Ring Thing.” We spent a significant amount of time discussing coin magic and the common things that one should know: false transfers and knowing two different versions depending on angles and the items used; the Shuttle Pass and Bobo/Toggle Switch and how to use whether showing or hiding an object; Han Ping Chien (HPC) and lastly, a method for continuous productions when using multiple objects. We also discussed using multiple objects instead of coins for “Miser’s Dream.”

As always, we are open to any and all comers interested in magic. Join us!
April Ring Report by Jennifer Graham

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