May Ring Report

Our in-person meeting began with performances by several club members. Rick Hinrichs performed a great, multiphase ring and rope routine and was looking for advice on scripting. Jody LeBlanc did John W. Bushey “Joker’s Clock”. Jody made multiple packets of the trick and sold them withthe proceeds going to the club. (Thanks Jody!) Paul Laidig did an eerie performance of his version of Max Maven’s Kurotsuke premise, where used body language to find which audience member is holding a special stone. AnneMarie Thomas performed her version of Jason Ladange’s Dream Cards with scripting about her experience as a parent playing games with her kids. Sleven Olson practiced the three phase Rubic cube routine he plans to perform at AbraCORNdabra; solving a cube mixed by the spectator, solving a cube with one hand, and solving a cube without touching it.

The business meeting was short, Andrew Selbitschka has made a park reservation for the annual picnic.

As always, we are open to any and all comers at all levels of magic. Join us! – Dan Norat

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