June Ring Report

In person meetings bring out lots of fine magic, people are excited to gather together and share their favorite tricks and what they have been working on to add to their shows. Our June meeting was no exception.

Paul Laidig started us off by sharing Houdini’s Siberian Chain Escape. Magic Brad Gudim followed with a routine that he is perfecting – his Coins Across with Jumbo Coin Flurry. He also shared his finesse on a Cups and Balls routine that was exceptional. Several magicians travelled to the Twin Cities from the Duluth area. Jody LeBlanc performed his Any Suit, Any Card card trick with Paul Laidig. Fast Eddie Olson practices magic every day out on the streets. He shared a coin trick that he has developed using BitCoins. Sleven Olson shared a coin/phone trick that he has developed around a story dealing with alien abductions.

Tyler Erickson brought up a discussion surrounding embellishing stories to enhance the magic and how/when to eliminated dialogue during harder moves to draw attention away from the magic moves.
We broke in to small group sessions to end the meeting.
Our Monday evening Zoom meeting covered a number of subjects. Jennifer Graham shared that she is reading Harrison Greenbaum’s You Are All Terrible. This is part of the Magician’s Book Club that is run by Carolyn Ravn on Sundays over Zoom. A hilarious and insightful read, there is a lot of good material, but be forewarned – the book is not for the faint-of-heart. Tyler Erickson shared a presentation of Ted Annemann’s “Card in Hand” We discussed presentation – stage vs. close-up and how to use presentation to its best effect for both arenas. There needs to be balance between what is done vs what is said. We often put an unnecessary burden on ourselves by what we say during performances. Another part of the discussion included asking “Where you are and what you wish to present”. We need to keep in mind how we script for the venue in which we are appearing. We also spoke about the use of storytelling vs use of silence. We ended the meeting discussing card controls. We touched briefly on specific moves given specific situations.

As always, we welcome all to our meetings. – Jennifer Graham

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